NextGen Elevation Breathing Workout Mask

Why NextGen Elevation Breathing Workout Mask?

FREE Cleaning Solutions

Included in your purchase is a 30ml cleaning solution to help combat odors and the build-up of sweat, dirt, and grime easily so your training mask is always ready for its next use. 

Ultra-durable ABS Plastic

This upgraded version of our elevation mask is manufactured with ultra-durable ABS plastic, for extra longevity


These carbon filters slide easily into the altitude training mask to protect you from pollutants and dust

Oxygen Deprivation Masks for Gym and Cardio

if you’re looking for a premium quality altitude training mask to stimulate your training in compromised environments then this is the elevation mask for you! Designed for both men and women to use, this altitude training mask will help you reach your all your fitness goals

What our Customers Say:

I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my endurance and stamina since I started using the mask. It’s like having a personal high-altitude training environment wherever I go. For anyone serious about their fitness and looking to elevate their workout, the Nextgen workout mask is definitely worth considering. It’s helped me achieve a new level of fitness, and I’m excited to see where it takes me next!

Steven Z.

I’ve been using this for only a week now on beginner setting for about 1.5 hours during my workout. Cardio and Lifting. It’s really good. Very comfortable. I’ve already been able to feel a difference. Can’t wait to see how it feels after about 6 months. I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to kick their workouts up a few notches.

Brad Rowland

I live in downtown Flushing, there is many pollution, most of the time I feel like is hard to breath, and I cough all the time. After using this mask, my breath problem recover, done to get more freash air, I don't cough anymore. It perfectly fit my face, and it also look pretty cool. Doesn't like cloth mask, I feel I like I am special when I walk on the street. I'm gonna recommend this product to all my friend and family.


I bought this altitude workout mask specifically for when I go to the gym during these times where it is recommended/mandatory to wear a mask at the gym whenever not working out or operating fitness equipment. On top of the added safety with the filters, the mask does what it is intended to do. 

Jeryl Ignacio

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