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Universal altitude training mask for men and women

This one size fits all altitude training mask by NextGen will take your training and fitness journey to the next level. Our upgraded, innovative sports mask simulates the effects of training at a higher elevation. The mask creates a thin air environment, encouraging your body to produce a higher number of red blood cells. With 24 levels of oxygen restriction available, the NextGen sports mask is ideal for beginners and seasoned athletes alike.

Workout mask to build endurance

This altitude training mask is equipped with 2 levers that offer 4 levels of resistance each. We also include 2 interchangeable valves with 4 additional levels each for even more customization. Carbon filters are also included in this workout mask to protect your lungs from pollutants and dust. Start low and increase the air resistance gradually to give your respiratory muscles a full workout. Practising this method will help increase your lung capacity, allowing athletes of all trades to boost their endurance and strength. Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, hiker, swimmer, gymnast, or weightlifter, incorporating this mask into your fitness regimen can deliver high level results.

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