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Nextgen Elevation Breathing Workout Mask

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  • ALTITUDE TRAINING MASK – if you’re looking for a premium quality altitude training mask to stimulate your training in compromised environments then this is the elevation mask for you! Designed for both men and women to use, this altitude training mask will help you reach your all your fitness goals
  • ELEVATION MASK TO BUILD ENDURANCE – are you an athlete looking to increase stamina, lung capacity and overall performance while training? Using this training mask will help you reduce your workout time and achieve the full effects of a good workout, while still feeling on top form
  • CARBON FILTERS INCLUDED – this latest model breathing workout mask for men and women now includes carbon filters, which are easy to replace in just a few seconds. These carbon filters slide easily into the altitude training mask to protect you from pollutants and dust
  • EASY TO USE ALTITUDE TRAINING MASK – included in your purchase is a 30ml cleaning solution to help combat odors and the build-up of sweat, dirt, and grime easily so your training mask is always ready for its next use. This upgraded version of our elevation mask is manufactured with ultra-durable ABS plastic, for extra longevity
  • PROTECTION CASE – you will also receive a durable, hard shell protection case with zipper so you can store your training mask when not in use or when traveling. This case is compact and will fit into your hiking backpack with ease